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Technofog (/tɛkˈnɒ/fɒɡ/) - the confluence of domain specific jargon, technical debt and knowledge gaps that negate sensible use of even…

Tim Apple is an American icon just like the famous innovators Thomas Lightbulb and Henry Car

– Trumpicus Totalis

Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.

– George Carlin

Git commit message faux pas #6782 “Fixed soem typos”

– Me

Code auto-documentation from middle earth …

“Forgots the password [my precioussssssss]”

– Ghost Doc

Deleted Facebook

So I've done it.  I've deleted Facebook from my life.  Sorry Zuck, you've breached my trust one last time and…

UI developers are the tarts of the programming world

– – Me

.NET Geographic Searches

I recently had to implement a localised search mechanism on an API.  Maths and Trigonometry aren't my strengths it has…

Docker Gotcha

I've just had my first Docker gotcha moment.  I was happily working away using the setup detailed in my first…

Password Sensibilities

I've lost count of the number of organisations I've worked for that have adhered to the NIST (National Institute of…

PlasticSCM – Just Don’t

If you're considering this source control tool.  Stop.  If you're considering this for your development team, have mercy on them…
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