Delete Facebook
So I’ve done it.  I’ve decided to delete Facebook from my life.  Sorry Zuck, you’ve breached my trust one last time and [...]
UI developers are the tarts of the programming world
Dear Procurement Department
I understand that you like to standardise the computers in your business. The ease of maintenance and support is a huge topic, I get that. I also get that [...]
Meltdown / Spectre Speculation Issues
So, we are in Meltdown!  Thanks for this Intel.  So, Intel has been having a very hard time lately.  AMD has more or less just blind-sided [...]
No Comp Sci degree? == No Interview
Well really? I’ve only been turned down for an interview once with this stated as the reason.  With 20+ years in IT behind me that’s [...]
Shell Overlay Icons – The Space Wars
For some of us there has been a quiet war raging inside the Windows registry. The fight is over your shell overlay icons and their priority. I fought back! [...]
.NET Geographic Searches
I recently had to implement a localised search mechanism on an API.  Maths and Trigonometry aren’t my strengths it has to be said.  So I [...]
Docker Gotcha
I’ve just had my first Docker gotcha moment.  I was happily working away using the setup detailed in my first Docker article.  All was [...]
Password Sensibilities
I’ve lost count of the number of organisations I’ve worked for that have adhered to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) [...]
PlasticSCM – Just Don’t
If you’re considering this source control tool.  Stop.  If you’re considering this for your development team, have mercy on them and [...]
Docker + Windows + WordPress + MySQL + PHPMyAdmin = Nirvana
The last time I did any WordPress development was over a year ago so I no longer have PHP and MySQL installed.  I started marching off down my well [...]
The State of Login in 2017 – LastPass to the Rescue!!
I’ve been putting this off for far, far too long.  I knew migrating to a password manager was going to be a long boring task and now I’ve [...]
SQLite Extensions for .NetStandard NuGet
I just created a couple of NuGet packages for helping to consume SQLite in .NetStandard1.5 applications.  Includes all the nice Async stuff [...]
You have to cede so much power to the government to ensure equality of outcome that tyranny is inevitable.
Oh Dear, Borked Your Registry Key Permissions?
I recently got so fed up with DropBox trouncing all over my shell icon overlays that I decided to attempt a drastic action.  Remove the write access [...]
Windows 10 UWP – Emulator- The Revenge
I’ll tell you why UWP is suffering.  The UWP flavour of XAML is a mere shadow of WPF and the emulator is shockingly hard to get working or [...]
MacBook Prolapse
Apple, seriously … you fucked up. Are you seriously telling your MacBook Pro & iPhone users that they’ll have to buy a dongle to connect [...]
Jammer Dot Bizeseses 10th Birthday Today!
Well, well, Its this ‘ere blogs 10th Birthday today!  Happy Birthday!!!
windows 7
Windows 7 Updates Roll-up
There’s really no doubt that Windows 7 updates have become a bit of a nightmare.  Microsoft have been aggressively pushing Windows 10.  Some of the [...]
Bookmarks Toolbar in FireFox Full-Screen Mode
This is a neat trick that I use in FireFox.  I like to use FireFox in full-screen mode and I use the bookmarks toolbar a lot.  The trouble begins when [...]