Docker + Windows + WordPress + MySQL + PHPMyAdmin = Nirvana
The last time I did any WordPress development was over a year ago so I no longer have PHP and MySQL installed.  I started marching off down my well [...]
Package Dependencies & Deploying .NET
I recently had a requirement to completely package up a .NET application so that it was extremely portable beyond it’s initial installation. By [...]
View IISEXpress Hosted Sites On Your Local Network
This is a useful little tidbit of knowledge to have.  Suppose you can browse to your new spanky site using IISExpress at http://localhost:54275/ … [...]
Compile Time Checking for MVC Views
One advantage of MVC Razor could also be deemed a disadvantage.  No comile time checking of views.  I personally love the dynamic nature of build the Razor [...]
Nuget Strikes Again
Honestly, for tool that’s supposed to make life easier and more robust I find myself battling with it often. I’ve been upgrading some of the [...]
CI Process – Why?
Why is having a CI process good? There are so many reasons why CI is good. I use it on everything I do. For my recent web based project it’s simple a [...]
MVC Deployment – JavaScript – ReferenceError is not defined …
This had me stumped for a moment. All the Javascript was there (linkable from bundle links in the page source), all the files were there, everything worked [...]
MVC – Display Version Number in Your UI
If you ever want to display the version of your app in the UI (useful in development with lots of environments) you can do the following. In your [...]
Build Process – TeamCity, NUnit, dotCover & Octopus Deploy
I’ve blogged about TC a bit in the past but I’ve just setup a whole new build process for my current project. Added into the mix these days is [...]
WiX UI Not Updating As Expected
During my recent forays into the world of WiX I’ve been slowly hacking away at the steep learning curve. This really is a huge framework that is [...]
Managed Custom Actions Failing in WiX?
Well after many hours wondering why my WiX custom actions were failing to run I made an interesting discovery.  The library that I had created to hold my [...]
Building Installers
If you are ever in a situation where you are building an installer for an application and things have gone a bit awry with the uninstall process (tut, tut) [...]