Enable ASP.NET 4.5 On Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1
By default IIS and ASP.NET aren’t configured as part of a Windows setup (for obvious reasons) so developers are used to having to register IIS [...]
View IISEXpress Hosted Sites On Your Local Network
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Upgrading MVC4 to MVC5 and WebAPI1 to WebAPI2 – MEF – DotNetOpenAuth
Originally Written 20 June 2014 So, if you have found this blog post as you are going through this process and have hit numerous brick walls I’m [...]
Wrapping HttpClient
I’ve been recently revisiting a WebAPI client implementation that uses DotNetOpenAuth for authorising calls to an OAuth 2.0 protected WebAPI.  So I [...]
Compile Time Checking for MVC Views
One advantage of MVC Razor could also be deemed a disadvantage.  No comile time checking of views.  I personally love the dynamic nature of build the Razor [...]
MVC Deployment – JavaScript – ReferenceError is not defined …
This had me stumped for a moment. All the Javascript was there (linkable from bundle links in the page source), all the files were there, everything worked [...]
MVC – Display Version Number in Your UI
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Using HttpClient to Send Dates in URL Using AttributeRouting
After doing a lot of reading it appears that it is possible to do what I was attempting to do but it requires relaxing a lot of useful security measures in [...]
C# Query String Builder
Here is a nice little extension method for building your query strings in C#