Windows 10 UWP – Emulator- The Revenge
I’ll tell you why UWP is suffering.  The UWP flavour of XAML is a mere shadow of WPF and the emulator is shockingly hard to get working or [...]
WPF ListBoxItem Selected Background Highlight in Windows 8
When targeting the way a ListBoxItems are styled on pre Windows 8 platforms you could easily change with style syntax like: This would essentially override [...]
WPF / WinForms Property Mappings
Just found a nice page on the Microsoft site that details some of the property mappings between WPF and Windows Forms.  Might prove useful!! [...]
Visual Studio 2010 – First Impressions / WPF UI
I’ve been putting this off for a while now but have finally gotten around to checking out Visual Studio 2010. You can get everything you need from [...]
Introduction to Composite WPF CAL, Prism: Part 2
I’ve just published the second installment of my mini-series of using the Composite Application Library. This article covers dynamic skinning of WPF [...]
Introduction to Composite WPF (CAL, Prism) Part 1
I’ve just published Part 1 of my introduction to Composite WPF series of articles.  The main aim of this article was to provide a really simple [...]
WPF Visual Studio Code Snippets
Just found a link on Sacha Barbers blog linking too some really cool Visual Studio code snippet downloads available from The Blendables folks and DrWPF.  [...]
WPF UserControl == DataTemplate
Over the weekend I was doing a fair amount of UI stuff on a major project of mine and stumbled across a very cool and neat solution to using data [...]
XAML, Blend & Binding to Static Data Sources
I’ve just been having a little play around with some methods for binding UI elements (in this case a ComboBox) to static data sources. As you may [...]
WPF Single Instance Application
UPDATED After a lot of poking around on this subject I found a rather neat way of enforcing an application to behave in a single instance manner. [...]
Using MediaElement
I’ve just put together a really dirty and VERY simple app that uses the MediaElement class in .NET 3.5 as an example for someone on CodeProject so I [...]
Debugging XAML
This is a really tough one sometimes. I’ve recently had to debug an error that initially seemed a bit odd. Viewing the main window XAML in Visual [...]