MacBook Prolapse
Apple, seriously … you fucked up. Are you seriously telling your MacBook Pro & iPhone users that they’ll have to buy a dongle to connect [...]
My Life With a MacBook Pro – 3 Years In
Hmm  … where to start? I had to buy a MacBook, I need to write and compile apps for iPhones and iPads.  I would have preferred to spend the [...]
Bye, Bye Parallels – Hello Virtual Box
So I finally did it.  When I first purchased my MacBook Pro I bought a copy of Parallels 8.  What a mistake that turned out to be.  Don’t get me [...]
The Apple Developer Clique
I’m genuinely gobsmacked by this. I applied for the Apple Developer program a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the company I co-founded.  I was [...]
Should I Download MacKeeper?
I’ll cut to the chase – NO, DO NOT DOWNLOAD this “software”. MacKeeper is one of those apps that seems to pop up everywhere [...]
Compiling Blender on Mac
So I decided that after all these years I would like to start looking at and contributing to an open source project.  And since I’ve been using [...]
App Store Repeating Updates
So I had a number of apps installed on the MacBook that kept asking to be updated repeatedly.  Tried every possible solution I could find online and [...]
Yosemity Handoff – What’s really happening?
It should be obvious to people that the more and higher levels of integration of devices like the Mac and the iWhatever will have some kind of impact on [...]
Using Older Versions of Adobe Photoshop under OSX Yosemity
I’ve already made the leap to using Yosemity on my MacBook Pro and so far all seems really stable and good.  However I have a number of older version [...]
Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and Yosemity Compatility Fiasco
I’ve been using Window 8 on my MacBook Pro for well over a year now.  The combination of the two really are great (yes I do like Windows 8 on the [...]
Nefarious Yosemity Spotlight Feature
With the new version of OSX just released there is a rather naughty feature that is switched on by default.  By default any searches you do using spotlight [...]
Safari Web Inspector for iOS Debugging
Whilst I’m building web pages I make a lot of use of the development tools that modern browsers include.  These features are amazing in that they let [...]
iPad Mini Retina 32Gb
So with great trepidation I have indeed bought my second Apple device – an iPad Mini with Retina display (32Gb WiFi Black).  The truth of it is that [...]
OSX Mavericks – WiFi – FIxed in 10.9.4?
This is good news! Seems that Apple have finally released an official fix to the WiFi issues introduced with Mavericks. Might seem trivial but one of the [...]
OSX Mavericks Wi-Fi Not Reconnecting
OSX weirdness strikes again.  In the year I’ve been using OSX I’ve been surprised a number of times by oddities and general weirdness and [...]
Cross Platform Development w/ Xamarin & SVN Source Control on OSX
Hmm, rather ambitious title there Jammer … Anyway, I’ve just started looking at building some iOS and Android (plus others in the future) [...]
Updating SVN in OSX Mavericks
Well that was an interesting hour wasted spent updating SVN. I found this write up on how to perform this update and ran into quite a few problems.  The [...]
Subversion Global Ignore Pattern
I’m slowly building up this default Subversion global ignore pattern for my Windows & Xamarin Development on Windows & OSX.  Nothing too [...]
OSX & Parallels Visual Studio Debugging – F11 / F12
If like me your using Parallels on a mac for your development you’ll find that debugging can be a pain in the ass.  Lots of the keyboard shorcuts you [...]