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Bookmarks Toolbar in FireFox Full-Screen Mode
This is a neat trick that I use in FireFox.  I like to use FireFox in full-screen mode and I use the bookmarks toolbar a lot.  The trouble begins when [...]
The Dangers of Self Build Web Site Platforms
This might at first appear like a form of scare mongering, or a thinly veiled sales pitch on my part but I can assure you it isn’t.  I have too much [...]
Enable ASP.NET 4.5 On Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1
By default IIS and ASP.NET aren’t configured as part of a Windows setup (for obvious reasons) so developers are used to having to register IIS [...]
View IISEXpress Hosted Sites On Your Local Network
This is a useful little tidbit of knowledge to have.  Suppose you can browse to your new spanky site using IISExpress at http://localhost:54275/ … [...]
Upgrading MVC4 to MVC5 and WebAPI1 to WebAPI2 – MEF – DotNetOpenAuth
Originally Written 20 June 2014 So, if you have found this blog post as you are going through this process and have hit numerous brick walls I’m [...]
Microsoft to Retire IE – Project Spartan
This is actually quite a momentus occasion!  Hearing that Microsoft is going to retire the IE brand is something I’ve been waiting to hear for [...]
WordPress & IIS Permalinks
When hosting a WordPress site under IIS you can run into some troubles when not getting things set-up exactly right.  I thought I’d post up the [...]
So we’ve just had the pleasure of building my first Shopify application for a client project.  Am I impressed?  Very.  Very, very impressed. For [...]
Enabling CSS Hover Selector on Touch Enabled Devices
Most web developers and designer make use of this common CSS selector to help make pages easier to consume by hiding things in the UI like buttons until [...]
D3 Limiting Pan & Zoom on Time Axis
Just cracked this problem and thought I’d share my fiddles!
Safari Web Inspector for iOS Debugging
Whilst I’m building web pages I make a lot of use of the development tools that modern browsers include.  These features are amazing in that they let [...]
Gmail & Thunderbird
So, Gmail access using a desktop client. Should be easy right? I ended up going round and round in circles trying to get access to my Gmail account using [...]
SSL Certificate, FindByThumbprint and the Occultist Codepage
Have you ever ran into a situation where for some reason you cannot load an SSL certificate from the store? Have you checked the thumbprint, like … a [...]
FireFox – Back on the Menu
So, I just updated to FireFox 30 and FireBug 2.0 … So far, rock solid and none of the issues I was seeing with FireFox 29 or 29.0.1 and Firebug. [...]
OpenSSL Hits The News Again
Good grief, this latest issue with OpenSSL (the library that keeps most of the internet encrypted and safe) is no less that 16 years old … “A [...]
CSS3 – Safe to Use?
Just found this amazing site going through CSS3 and how to safely implement or ignore certain features due to varying browser support. Really cool! HTML5 Please
Google Chrome Auto Complete Hash! (autocomplete=”off”)
Hmm … Not sure I like this one tiny bit Google. Google has decided that it’s policy in regards to how Chrome will handle [...]
RIP FireFox (at least until v30 anyway).
That’s it.  I’ve stood by you and defended you but today was just it for me. I really don’t know what’s happened and I’ve [...]
Firefox 29.0.1 Update
What on earth has happened. I’m getting script errors left right and center making my favourite browser extremely lumpy. Seems the theme I was using [...]
MVC Deployment – JavaScript – ReferenceError is not defined …
This had me stumped for a moment. All the Javascript was there (linkable from bundle links in the page source), all the files were there, everything worked [...]