Shell Overlay Icons – The Space Wars
For some of us there has been a quiet war raging inside the Windows registry. The fight is over your shell overlay icons and their priority. I fought back! [...]
Docker + Windows + WordPress + MySQL + PHPMyAdmin = Nirvana
The last time I did any WordPress development was over a year ago so I no longer have PHP and MySQL installed.  I started marching off down my well [...]
Oh Dear, Borked Your Registry Key Permissions?
I recently got so fed up with DropBox trouncing all over my shell icon overlays that I decided to attempt a drastic action.  Remove the write access [...]
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Windows 7 Updates Roll-up
There’s really no doubt that Windows 7 updates have become a bit of a nightmare.  Microsoft have been aggressively pushing Windows 10.  Some of the [...]
Whitelist SSL Certificates in .NET for Xamarin / MvvmCross Apps
I have a fairly complex development environment for my current project and needed to allow some self-signed certificates to pass through the SSL [...]
Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update
Hmm … not an awful lot to report … hardly anything “new” to play with / enjoy. But it did wreck my http.sys config which lost me a [...]
Reinstalling Windows 10 After Upgrade
So, shortly after upgrading my machine to Windows 10 I suffered a major fault with the installation of Windows on the OS SSD drive.  No fault of Windows = [...]
Upgrading to Windows 10
Crazy? I don’t know yet but I decided to go for the upgrade to Windows 10 on day 1 … Most of the update motored through the process seemingly [...]
Xamarin – The Baptism of Fire – Windows 7
So as I blogged a few days ago about the issues I was having with getting to grips with all the issues I was having (which you can read here) it appears [...]
Windows 8.1
Well I know, very late to the game on this one.  Problem is I loved Windows 7 as much as I did Windows XP and since I have a lot going on my development [...]
Get Windows 10 App & Skype Login Broken Fix
So yesterday a new icon appeared in my Task Tray.  A little Windows icon representing the Get Windows 10 App offering the free upgrade.  Great!  Er … [...]
Microsoft to Retire IE – Project Spartan
This is actually quite a momentus occasion!  Hearing that Microsoft is going to retire the IE brand is something I’ve been waiting to hear for [...]
Anti-Virus – BitDefender
So it’s the best … or at least was the best. *ahem* … I’ve used a LOT of virus applications in my time, free ones, commercial ones [...]
Cross Platform Development w/ Xamarin & SVN Source Control on OSX
Hmm, rather ambitious title there Jammer … Anyway, I’ve just started looking at building some iOS and Android (plus others in the future) [...]
Subversion Global Ignore Pattern
I’m slowly building up this default Subversion global ignore pattern for my Windows & Xamarin Development on Windows & OSX.  Nothing too [...]
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Windows 7 & Midisport 8×8 Drivers
At last it appears that M-Audio has finally released public beta drivers for their older midi units.  I was dreading having to buy a new midi interface [...]
Installing SQL Management Studio Express on Windows 7
Hmm … developers usually use tools … yes? Getting this installed on Windows 7 by double clicking the MSI doesn’t appear to work.  No, we [...]
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Windows 7 Update
I have now completed the majority of the setup on my new PC.  All in all I’m seriously impressed with Win 7 Pro.  I have solved all the BSOD issues [...]
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Getting Aero Back
Whilst I was installing my various apps on my new system I suddenly noticed that the Aero theme had completely vanished.  I had previously installed my [...]
Window 7 64 Bit / MOTU Traveler
Well, I’ve finally made the switch to a new computer running the latest 64 bit version of Windows 7. I have a new Intel Quad Core i7 920 based [...]