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UI developers are the tarts of the programming world
Meltdown / Spectre Speculation Issues
So, we are in Meltdown!  Thanks for this Intel.  So, Intel has been having a very hard time lately.  AMD has more or less just blind-sided [...]
No Comp Sci degree? == No Interview
Well really? I’ve only been turned down for an interview once with this stated as the reason.  With 20+ years in IT behind me that’s [...]
Shell Overlay Icons – The Space Wars
For some of us there has been a quiet war raging inside the Windows registry. The fight is over your shell overlay icons and their priority. I fought back! [...]
You have to cede so much power to the government to ensure equality of outcome that tyranny is inevitable.
Jammer Dot Bizeseses 10th Birthday Today!
Well, well, Its this ‘ere blogs 10th Birthday today!  Happy Birthday!!!
Bookmarks Toolbar in FireFox Full-Screen Mode
This is a neat trick that I use in FireFox.  I like to use FireFox in full-screen mode and I use the bookmarks toolbar a lot.  The trouble begins when [...]
Apple Music – A Disaster for Users
This is the worst thing I’ve ever read regarding an online service.  Apple Music service hijacks ALL your content – even your own created works [...]
Blender GTX980ti
So last year I upgraded from my old EVGA GTX580 Classified to a Palit GTX980ti JetStream.  I expected a massive increase in performance in Blender, both in [...]
The Dangers of Self Build Web Site Platforms
This might at first appear like a form of scare mongering, or a thinly veiled sales pitch on my part but I can assure you it isn’t.  I have too much [...]
A New Little Blender Render
Yup, had a little play around with an abstract blender idea the other day.  Just completed the render.
The Decline of Ebay
Ebay used to be great.  Today, however, was the last nail in the coffin for me.  Either as a seller, or a buyer. When perusing the site these days I [...]
Apple Music Service – The Swift U-Turn
The more Apple get in the news the more I wonder how long they can keep up with this “cool” image they seem to have.  Yes they make nice [...]
This is AMAZING – Female Genital Mutilation Finally Outlawed in Nigeria
This is such great news. “More than 130 million girls and women have experienced female genital mutilation or cutting …” “Nigeria [...]
Get Windows 10 App & Skype Login Broken Fix
So yesterday a new icon appeared in my Task Tray.  A little Windows icon representing the Get Windows 10 App offering the free upgrade.  Great!  Er … [...]
Facebook Suspended My Account – The Real Name Policy Fiasco
So I went to log into my Facebook account the other day and was presented with a message saying that my account had been suspended.  Why?  They were under [...]
Political Literacy
Well I think I’m crazy.  Not only have I got a lot to do already but I’ve started another project.  Geared towards getting a group of [...]
Borderlands 2 – 2K Games
I don’t usually write about games on this blog but I’m going to make ana exception in this case.  This is such a monumentally great game that I [...]
Pixar Renderman now free for Non-Commercial
Wow, you can now get your hands on a non-commercial version of Renderman for FREE.  Pixar has been selling Renderman for a long time.  That said the asking [...]
Blender Cubism 1
One to start off the Cube a Day exercise I’m doing.  This is a total copy of the one of Mike Pans just to get things rolling.  The default cube has [...]