3D Rendering

Blender GTX980ti
So last year I upgraded from my old EVGA GTX580 Classified to a Palit GTX980ti JetStream.  I expected a massive increase in performance in Blender, both in [...]
A New Little Blender Render
Yup, had a little play around with an abstract blender idea the other day.  Just completed the render.
Pixar Renderman now free for Non-Commercial
Wow, you can now get your hands on a non-commercial version of Renderman for FREE.  Pixar has been selling Renderman for a long time.  That said the asking [...]
Blender Cubism 1
One to start off the Cube a Day exercise I’m doing.  This is a total copy of the one of Mike Pans just to get things rolling.  The default cube has [...]
Blender – Default Cubism – Cube a Day(ish)
I was recently reading some blogs I subscribe to and came across this great idea for learning and developing some interesting skills in Blender. The idea [...]
Compiling Blender on Mac
So I decided that after all these years I would like to start looking at and contributing to an open source project.  And since I’ve been using [...]
EVGA GTX580 Classified Overclocking – Blender Benchmarks
Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing around with MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision x16 to see what I can meaningfully squeeze out of this card [...]
blender materials
Have just completed my first set of Blender Materials.  Green Glass, Pearl, Metal and Car Paint.
Blender Infinity Cove Download
If you’re looking for a quick infinity cove to play around with I’ve just created a nice .blend file for you. You can download it here:
Blender – The Obligatory Glass …
Yes, another render of a glass using a physics fluid simulation.

I’ve always loved the idea of modelling real world things in 3D renders and wotnot and the chance of doing some of this was just too much to skip so I’ve been playing around with the new stuff in Blender and produced the video above. Enjoy!

Simple Blender Physics Animation
Blender Shenanigans
The other day I decided to get myself up to speed on all things Blender. I’ve not used the app very much but had done some simple rendering work for [...]