Bookmarks Toolbar in FireFox Full-Screen Mode
This is a neat trick that I use in FireFox.  I like to use FireFox in full-screen mode and I use the bookmarks toolbar a lot.  The trouble begins when [...]
Apple Music Service – The Swift U-Turn
The more Apple get in the news the more I wonder how long they can keep up with this “cool” image they seem to have.  Yes they make nice [...]
Apple … U2 … Really?
Hmm … I HATE U2 with a passion.  Bono is offensive frankly so you can imagine my delight in having their new LP of moaning, pathetic drivel stuffed [...]

This page contains links to some of the most impressive audio visual shows I’ve seen.  As lenssniper I got to photograph the Amon Tobin show at the last ill-fated Bloc Festival 2012.

Audio & Visual Treats

Oh Gringo we love you so …

Gringo Ska at Glastonbury 2014
Rubblebucket – Came Out of a Lady
Looking for a Free VST Sampler?
A short while ago I was looking for a free VST sampler that would offer enough flexibility to be useful and stable enough in my SONAR setup to be worth [...]
This is the thing that most people first saw on Later With Jools Holland when Bjork used it as an instrument performing “Independance” … [...]
Joe Zawinul
Well it seems that we have lost another great musician today, Pavarotti a few days ago (yes, Joe occupies the same level of respect in my book!) and Joe [...]
Terra Firma wins in bid for EMI
Well well … in the world of music this could be an interesting event. Venture capitalists buying into the music industry at this stage paying £2.4bn [...]
Syd Barrett
Well worth checking out this documentary on BBC radio about Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. [...]
RPM Challenge
A few friends of mine have got their shit together and produced a CD to submit to the RPM Challenge. You can download the CD contents and the artwork from [...]
Spectrum plan threatens radio mic
Seems like the great digital switch over is going to be an interesting one, I hadn’t even thought about such things as radio mics being effected by [...]
Beatles Love / Hate
hmm … not sure what to make of this … the ‘newly’ mashed up music of The Beatles has been remixed by George Martin and his son from [...]
Bjork – All is Full of Love
I totally love Bjork and I think this is one of the best video’s ever made for one of her tracks. It just seem to capture what she’s about [...]
Chris Cunningham Interview
Amazing video chappy!
Pink Floyd – The Wall Live 1980
Just found a great video on Google Video of one of the Earls Court Gigs in 1980. Pink Floyd – The Wall Live 1980
Computer Game Music
Some great Product23 news! We have been commissioned to provide the score and sound effects for an entire new PC based computer game. The game is still in [...]
Sumatra – REMIX
Sumatra Remix Artwork Another remix of mine is out on Composure Records. This is another progressive house mix of a Phunindustries track called Sumatra. [...]
Remix on iTunes.
A remix I did of a Retroid track for Composure Records is now available to buy on iTunes.