PIXMA MG7150 Photo Printing Tests
Believe it or not I’ve only just got around to getting some serious photo printing done on my new Canon PIXMA MG7150. Using nothing but Lightroom 5.6 [...]
Using Older Versions of Adobe Photoshop under OSX Yosemity
I’ve already made the leap to using Yosemity on my MacBook Pro and so far all seems really stable and good.  However I have a number of older version [...]
Canon PIXMA MG7150
So my trusty old (as in REALLY old) Epson Photo R200 died last week and I have a stack of printing to do for various things including my annual tax returns [...]
China Moon Pictures!
China has published its first Moon pictures! I’ve been waiting to see these for ages! Interesting to see some pictures of the ‘ol Moon that [...]
This is so cool, so so so cool … A live webcam focussed on the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Watch the Pyramids Live
Comet McNaught Photogallery
This is probably one of the best comet photogallery i’ve ever seen online, seriously impressive stuff. [...]