This is AMAZING – Female Genital Mutilation Finally Outlawed in Nigeria

This is such great news.

“More than 130 million girls and women have experienced female genital mutilation or cutting …”

“Nigeria made history by outlawing female genital mutilation. The ban falls under the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 that was passed in Senate on May 5 and recently enacted into law.

This was one of the last acts by the outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan. His successor, Muhammadu Buhari, was sworn into office this past Friday, May 29.”


Cover photo courtesy of: Graeme Robertson, via Getty Images.


Israel – The Generals Son

I have only just discovered Miko Peled through my friend Vix.  He is the son of the legendary Israeli general Mattityahu Peled.

As far as I’m concerned this man could very well turn out to be an Israeli analogy to Nelson Mandela working against apartheid in terms of his position and opinion on the Israeli/Palastine conflict.  He is a fantastic speaker with the history and credentials that place him in an utterly key position in the whole story and the potential solution.

As far as I can tell this man is not only required reading / listening / watching but quite possibly the ONLY opinion to listen to.

I personally am no longer buying anything produced or linked to Israel in any way, consider yourself boycotted.  It is an oppressive, racist, disgusting totalitarian regime of the worst kind.

I am sickened by the silence of the politicians that apparently represent me in the UK government. They have again proved themselves to be spineless, ineffective, flaccid wastes of skin.  Pathetic.  When I learned the that US congress, right in the middle of this new conflict mid 2014, had unanimously voted to supply Israel with even more equipment and bombs to drop on children I was literally left speechless.  I’m literally sickened by it all.

Some of the photographs I have seen on social media over the last few weeks will literally never leave my mind until the day I die.  Parents carrying what is left of their children in plastic bags, a father screaming in pain holding up the legs of his child.  Images that simply should impossible to take.

Israel has ABSOLUTELY committed war crimes.  There is no debate about that, they simply have, period.  Intentionally bombing children in shelters as they sleep is utterly indefensible; Israel is a monster.

I believe that the outrage is such that Israel is in the process of committing suicide, I cannot see how it can come back from this with an iota of respect from anyone.

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the First World War – we have learnt nothing at all.


What’s Wrong with NASA’s IT Department??

I don’t know if you have been following certain news items regarding NASA but I have and I really can’t work out what is going on.  It seems that someone somewhere in the chain of command really hasn’t got their eye on the ball … any ball in fact …

Firstly, in 2002 you may have heard about the case of Gary McKinnon who was caught ‘hacking’ (I’ll explain further why that’s in quotes later!) NASA computer systems.  He was attempting to find, or rather corroborate, some claims that he had found about the fact that NASA has teams of people that spend their time erasing details from official photos before general release.  These teams of people are apparently referred to as ‘Strippers’ due to their job of stripping details.

So why ‘hacking’.  I’m sure most peoples stereotypical idea of ‘computer hacking’ is some geekoid sat at a computer with streams of digits and characters flowing over their screens in order to ‘crack’ the security layer that protects the inner workings of a corporate or government computer network.  The reality is that Gary was using a tiny dial-up modem (likely running at 56kbps) which is miniscule in comparison to the now ubiquitous multi megabyte broadband connections that are popular today.  Anyone that was taking their ‘hacking’ seriously would not be using such technology.  Gary also didn’t make any attempt to hide the ‘paper trail’ of IP addresses leading back from NASA to him meaning that it was a trivial task to track him down.

However, the most important point about the hole deal is that Gary found that NASA had basically left all their machines wide open.  Computers have what are known as ‘User Accounts’.  If you use a computer at work and you have to log on, you will be logging on using a ‘User Account’.  Once you are logged on the rights and permissions associated with that account govern what you are allowed to do to that machine or the network you have logged on too.  For instance you may not be able to install software, change network settings etc … in order to perform these sorts of tasks there is a default ‘Local Administrator’ account.  These ‘Local Administrator’ accounts have full control over the machine and allow anyone logged on with this account to change any and all settings on that machine.  Gary found that the machines at the NASA facilities he ‘hacked’ HAD A BLANK ADMINISTRATORS PASSWORD … I can’t stress that enough, its amazing, its a school boy IT error to make.  At my place of work this is grounds for an internal investigation and heads would roll basically, its such a fundamental mistake that to my mind it makes NASA grossly negligent in terms of protecting its IT infrastructure.  So basically, Gary didn’t even need to ‘hack’ anything … it was left wide open … unprotected and asking for trouble.  The definition for hack is:

Computers. to devise or modify (a computer program), usually skillfully.

I argue that no skill is involved in order to obtain access to a computer system that is left with a blank administrator password, you don’t have to do any work at all in order to access that machine.  Bascially the person at NASA in charge of IT infrastructure security should be extremely embarrassed over this, if not sacked outright.

This isn’t all …

Yesterday I read in the news that a laptop aboard the International Space Station is infected with a W32.Gammima.AG worm!!!  And it was also admitted that this isn’t the first time!!  Our corporate network at my place of work has not had a virus infection problem in years … I personally have not had a virus infection problem in years either.  OK, its fair to say that NASA has a much higher profile that either of these examples but the virus is not targeting NASA specifically, its a well known 1 year old virus … on a laptop … floating in space … in the International Space Station.  Apparently its ‘OK’ since the laptop is not critical to any command and control operations.  I personally think that is a good thing but its also splitting hairs …

What is wrong with NASA’s IT Department??  What are they doing???

And they have the gall to extradite a UK citizen when in fact its their own utter lackadaisical excuse for IT security that is to blame …



I can’t believe what is happening over there at the moment. Its just disgraceful. All this heading towards the Olympics as well. In fact I can’t believe China has actually been given the Olympics. They have moved out thousands from their homes and villages only to build unused empty fake cities to make it look more prosperous that it really is. Then this all kicks off. The Chinese government have even had the audacity to say:

Chinese authorities have blamed the Dalai Lama for orchestrating the unrest in an attempt to sabotage this summer’s Beijing Olympics and promote Tibetan independence.

I mean, do they really think people in the west are stupid? We’ve been subjected to enough manipulation and lies in the past to see right through this sort of utter bullshit. The Dalai Lama orchestrating violence??? I just can’t see that happening myself. The exiled Tibetan government are saying that nearly 100 have been killed in the riots and China is saying that just 19 have been killed, one of them a police officer. This is unfortunately what happens when you try to suppress people, they rebel. In real terms Tiananmen Square riots happened not so long ago (19 years) and as far as I’m concerned for anyone in my age group that is still very fresh in the mind. So really its just more of the same from China.

I’m not a sporty person at the best of times and it usually passes by without much attention from me but this time I’m actively boycotting it.


Data Pimping

A leading expert on computer surveillance has raised serious doubts over the legality of deals by BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse to sell their customers’ web browsing data to Phorm, a new online advertising company.

So there you have it … I the bastard multinationals making yet more cash off the little man. I despise it deeply!

Phorm’s system works by reading the contents of web pages you visit, to build up a profile of your interests on your computer. It then uses this information to target you with appropriate categories of advertising when you later visit a website that is a member of the Open Internet Exchange (OIX), its publisher and advertiser network. Phorm has announced that The Guardian, Financial Times and MySpace have all signed up to let it serve the targeted ads to their users.

You can read the complete article here.

Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries


UK Tax and the Super Rich

Hmm … this sort of thing eally pisses me off frankly. It seems that the UK is a tax haven of sorts for the super rich among us. Most contries where you live all your income is taxed at the rate of your designated country of residence whereas the UK only tax people at the UK rate for earnings actually made in the UK. In order to qualify for this non-residency tax loop hole you need little more than one grandparent living abroad.

Apparently the treasury has completed a study on the implications for UK tax in this and a small accountancy magazine managed to squeeze a figure of £1,000,000,000 a year in lost tax whereas most people that have been looking into this has put the figure higher than that.

Again we see the super rich being treated favourably over the man on the street …


Hiroshima …

Today is the 62nd Anniversary of the first use of an atomic bomb. “If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air the like of which has never been seen on Earth. Behind this air attack will follow by sea and land forces in such number and power as they have not yet seen, but with fighting skill of which they are already aware.” pretty chilling words all in all …



Privitisation taken a step too far

How do people come to these conclusions:

“Ofcom argues that putting spectrum on the open market is the only way to make sure it is used to its full potential.”

>From Paul Frindle (in a discussion about DRM):

“The problem seems to be that you cannot allow society to drift into a free for all economically driven anarchy and then hope to moderate it by

increasingly draconian and unsustainable restrictions.

So much of our recent social and economic doctrine has gone this way. For instance, increasingly governments have realised that short term gains are to be made by ‘de-regulating’ services and creating private/public sector partnerships that spawn monopolies – then try to moderate their excesses with watchdogs and ombudsmen services. It is always better to steer the ship with intent, rather than letting it drift where it will – and struggling to correct its course periodically by force.

Once we are overloaded with ‘corrective laws’ and the morals have been allowed to drift, it is no longer possible to moderate society without dire strife.”

give this man a medal and then put him in charge of absolutely everything … maybe … :O)


GO GO GO, Actually DON’T!

the same day they a carpet bombing civilians in Somalia …

“In February 2001, the US nuclear submarine Greenville sank a Japanese fisheries training vessel, the Ehime Maru, off Hawaii, killing nine sailors on the fishing boat.”

“i’m driving!”

“No its my turn!”

“Give me the stick! Captain said so!”

“NO that opens the hatch you fuckwit!, the steering wheels is over there!”




Team America FUCK YEAH!!!!

Me? Anti-American … nope, i’m not, i’m anti outrageous fucking stupidity it just so happens that America is a consummate expert at looking really fucking stupid whilst also pissing off the entire planet at the same time.



How can this asshole stand up and claim to be working for peace and christian (small c) values and in the same breath say that he wished Saddam’s execution had been more dignified … I mean … where the fuck do you start with that one?

All these religions involved say that murder is wrong … don’t they?



Never thought we’d be seeing pictures like that! Also, i’m a little confused over how quickly this appears to have happened! Call me a cynic but this state-execution is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Whatever your stance on capital punishment may be these pictures are totally unnecessary.

Psy-Ops maybe?

Either way there is no denying that this is destruction of evidence.
Surely Saddam is a key witness to so many things (Oil for money for
instance) that he should be available to question. As it is he has been
destroyed off the back for 148 deaths which strikes me as being the tip
of the iceberg …

Madness …


Bush Nuts …

Well here we are … finally something official to actually show people that support for Bush is as a result of mental illness … well sort of …

“A collective “I told you so” will ripple through the world of Bush-bashers once news of Christopher Lohse’s study gets out.

Lohse, a social work master’s student at Southern Connecticut State University, says he has proven what many progressives have probably suspected for years: a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush.”

Mental Bushies


Fish Used to Fight Terrorism

HAHA! Oh man this one takes the biscuit, no matter how ingenious an idea it may be, its still very funny in a sad sort of way, poor fishes!

Somewhere in New York State (we can’t say where), a computer is monitoring every move of eight bluegill fish in a tank. The moment a few start to cough (yes, fish cough) the computer sends an alert and takes water samples.

Called the Intelligent Aquatic BioMonitoring System (IABS), the contraption is the latest high-tech defense against potential terrorism attacks on the nation’s water supply”

Anti Terrorist Fish


Bushies Land Grab

Well the Bush family are roumoured to have just bought nearly 100,000 acres of Chaco, Paraguay. It’s also home to one of the largest underground fresh water reserves in the world. Seeing that they are a big player in the oil world and remembering the water issues currently facing world farmers it should come as no surprise that they also want to be in the lead on what many are calling the real war … the war for water.

“The southern US states are already struggling with water shortages,” – Adolfo Perez Esquivel (1980 Nobel Peace Prizewinner)

Source – Article


Lester Brown

This is a seriously interesting chap, he’s referred to as one of the most influential thinkers in terms of world populations and resources. Makes for some really sombre thinking about our future, but by knowing these things about our position we’re much better equipped to realise the solutions – “Lester Brown has written the sort of book that once you’ve put it down you can’t pick it up again.”

Lester Brown Bio
Earth Policy Institute
Watch Lester Brown