This is a fantastic little piece of video. Neil deGrasse Tyson answering the question “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe?”

What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe?
This is so cool, so so so cool … A live webcam focussed on the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Watch the Pyramids Live
Our Whales are Being Destroyed–by the US Navy
Not very many people are aware of this issue at the moment but it’s something that needs some serious attention as far as i’m concerned. [...]
Google Moon
Google has offered $30,000,000 to any company that lands a robot on the Moon and starts snapping photo’s and sending data back (presumably to Google [...]
Yale Scientists Use Nanotechnology To Fight E. Coli
Amazing! SWCNT (single walled carbon nanotubes) are being used in the lab to combat bacteria. These technologies could one day provide the replacements for [...]
IBM Makes Molecular Switch
This is just insane … apparently IBM has made some serious advances in the NanoTech field and is now talking about the fact that molecular computing [...]
Summer Ends?
Well what a funny year its been eh! Don’t know about where your at but in my locality the weather has been decidedly unsummer-like. Granted where I [...]
Dolphines Get Prosthetic Tails!
This is just amazing … such a neat story about a female Dolphin that lost her tail in a crab trap when she was a mere nipper, even tho she has still [...]
Shuttle Launch is GO!
NASA seems confident for a launch tonight at abut 22:36GMT!!! After all the recent events surrounding the shuttle like the lovesick astronauts getting hell [...]
Huge, Light Exoplanet Shouldn’t Even Exist
HAHA! I love titles like that … “Are we ever going to get a model that *does* work for everything we find?!” “The largest planet [...]
Comet McNaught Photogallery
This is probably one of the best comet photogallery i’ve ever seen online, seriously impressive stuff. [...]
Comet McNaught
Wow, this thing is starting to look huge in the pictures coming back from the SOHO satellite.
why being a scientist …
… is bad for you … you end up writing things like this comforted by the thought of how ‘entertaining’ you are … ENGINEERS [...]
Best Space Pics 2006
Just found an amazing web page with a collection of the best Space photo’s taken during 2006. Check it out here.
Intelligent Design
I’d never really thought about the actual details that constitute the ‘Intelligent Design’ argument about the source of life on Earth [...]
Lester Brown
This is a seriously interesting chap, he’s referred to as one of the most influential thinkers in terms of world populations and resources. Makes for [...]
Oceans – Hypoxia – Dead Zones?
Something I’ve been hearing an alarming amount about lately are things called ‘Dead Zones’ … these are areas in the worlds oceans [...]
Hawaii Earthquake
Apparently this is a very, very unusual earthquake in that its a large one right in the middle of a very large plate. Its been reported as a [...]