Object Orientation Principles

April 23, 2009 - .NET / C#, Geek Bits

As I become a more rounded developer (through lack of exercise mainly) I’m starting to get more exposure to various methodologies and ways of thinking that really do make the whole development experience much more enjoyable.  There are a number of established patterns that I have used in the production of SampleSort that include things like Singleton, Model-View-Presenter, Single-Responsibility etc.

There are many, many such design patterns that you can adopt in order to solve various programming tasks, some of them take a lot of effort to fully understand whereas some just make sense as soon as you start looking at examples.  However, lately during some design tasks questions relating to actualy OO principles have come into play, something I’ve only recently started to really get into.  After identifying some things that I really needed to understand I thought I’d share some resources here.

The most obvious one of the GOF (Gang of Four) for your design patterns.  You can find a lot of really good information and examples of DPs here:


Here are some great links to sites that talk about pure OO principles:

Object Mentor – OO Design Principles

Principles of OO Design


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