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Xamarin – The Baptism of Fire – Windows 7
So as I blogged a few days ago about the issues I was having with getting to grips with all the issues I was having (which you can read here) it appears [...]
Windows 8.1
Well I know, very late to the game on this one.  Problem is I loved Windows 7 as much as I did Windows XP and since I have a lot going on my development [...]
Apple Music Service – The Swift U-Turn
The more Apple get in the news the more I wonder how long they can keep up with this “cool” image they seem to have.  Yes they make nice [...]
Restoring YouTrack Backups
I love JetBrains software, I really do.  How I’d get by without ReSharper is anyone’s guess but they are not issue free by any stretch.  There [...]
Why are Hardware Manufacturers Web Sites and Documentation Like Black Holes?
As some one that has built a large number of PCs and servers over my career I’m constantly surprised by how products I have bought and used can [...]
The Apple Developer Clique
I’m genuinely gobsmacked by this. I applied for the Apple Developer program a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the company I co-founded.  I was [...]
PCL Profile 259 in Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7, Xamarin, MvvmCross & ReSharper 7.1
Well, today was a lot of fun.  You can tell just how much fun from the ridiculous title of this blog post. I’ve lost most of a productive day to this [...]
Downloads Broken – Fixed
Must put an apology online.  I’ve had a few enquiries today as to why some of the code examples on the site are currently unavailable.  I’ve [...]
Should I Download MacKeeper?
I’ll cut to the chase – NO, DO NOT DOWNLOAD this “software”. MacKeeper is one of those apps that seems to pop up everywhere [...]
This is AMAZING – Female Genital Mutilation Finally Outlawed in Nigeria
This is such great news. “More than 130 million girls and women have experienced female genital mutilation or cutting …” “Nigeria [...]
Code Reviewing – Xamarin Components and MvvmCross Plugins
At the moment I’m working through the implementation of a mobile application build on top of the Xamarin platform targeting Android, iOS and [...]
Unit Tests in User Configurable Applications
Yesterday was another one of those little lessons in Unit Testing. In one of the applications I work on there is a lot of clever string manipulation in [...]
Get Windows 10 App & Skype Login Broken Fix
So yesterday a new icon appeared in my Task Tray.  A little Windows icon representing the Get Windows 10 App offering the free upgrade.  Great!  Er … [...]
Facebook Suspended My Account – The Real Name Policy Fiasco
So I went to log into my Facebook account the other day and was presented with a message saying that my account had been suspended.  Why?  They were under [...]
Xamarin Pairing Visual Studio 2012 to Mac for iOS Builds
Well, this was a bit of a pain in the arse. When I initially paired Visual Studio 2012 to my Mac it all seemed to pair and be happy.  No problems with the [...]
Political Literacy
Well I think I’m crazy.  Not only have I got a lot to do already but I’ve started another project.  Geared towards getting a group of [...]
Borderlands 2 – 2K Games
I don’t usually write about games on this blog but I’m going to make ana exception in this case.  This is such a monumentally great game that I [...]
Apple MacBook Pro 85w MagSafe 2 PSU
So last Sunday my PSU died.  I don’t know if it’s something about luck or what but in all my years (to many to count) of using computers the [...]
Pixar Renderman now free for Non-Commercial
Wow, you can now get your hands on a non-commercial version of Renderman for FREE.  Pixar has been selling Renderman for a long time.  That said the asking [...]
Microsoft to Retire IE – Project Spartan
This is actually quite a momentus occasion!  Hearing that Microsoft is going to retire the IE brand is something I’ve been waiting to hear for [...]