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SSL Certificate Access – LocalMachine Store Access from IIS Express
Ever have this error – keyset does not exist? Do this: Start -> Run -> MMC File -> Add/Remove Snapin Add the Certificates Snap In Select [...]
The Apple Developer Clique – MkII
So, today I got another email from Apple about my enrollment in their development program. Turns out I don’t have to wait for another call, I got a [...]
TeamCity CI Server Login Fails at Boot Up
If you’re running an instance of TeamCity on your local dev box, and who isn’t eh! haha, oh for more machines.  It’s highly likely that [...]
Xamarin – The Baptism of Fire – Windows 7
So as I blogged a few days ago about the issues I was having with getting to grips with all the issues I was having (which you can read here) it appears [...]
Windows 8.1
Well I know, very late to the game on this one.  Problem is I loved Windows 7 as much as I did Windows XP and since I have a lot going on my development [...]
Apple Music Service – The Swift U-Turn
The more Apple get in the news the more I wonder how long they can keep up with this “cool” image they seem to have.  Yes they make nice [...]
Restoring YouTrack Backups
I love JetBrains software, I really do.  How I’d get by without ReSharper is anyone’s guess but they are not issue free by any stretch.  There [...]
Why are Hardware Manufacturers Web Sites and Documentation Like Black Holes?
As some one that has built a large number of PCs and servers over my career I’m constantly surprised by how products I have bought and used can [...]
The Apple Developer Clique
I’m genuinely gobsmacked by this. I applied for the Apple Developer program a couple of weeks ago on behalf of the company I co-founded.  I was [...]
PCL Profile 259 in Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7, Xamarin, MvvmCross & ReSharper 7.1
Well, today was a lot of fun.  You can tell just how much fun from the ridiculous title of this blog post. I’ve lost most of a productive day to this [...]
Downloads Broken – Fixed
Must put an apology online.  I’ve had a few enquiries today as to why some of the code examples on the site are currently unavailable.  I’ve [...]
Should I Download MacKeeper?
I’ll cut to the chase – NO, DO NOT DOWNLOAD this “software”. MacKeeper is one of those apps that seems to pop up everywhere [...]
This is AMAZING – Female Genital Mutilation Finally Outlawed in Nigeria
This is such great news. “More than 130 million girls and women have experienced female genital mutilation or cutting …” “Nigeria [...]
Code Reviewing – Xamarin Components and MvvmCross Plugins
At the moment I’m working through the implementation of a mobile application build on top of the Xamarin platform targeting Android, iOS and [...]
Unit Tests in User Configurable Applications
Yesterday was another one of those little lessons in Unit Testing. In one of the applications I work on there is a lot of clever string manipulation in [...]
Get Windows 10 App & Skype Login Broken Fix
So yesterday a new icon appeared in my Task Tray.  A little Windows icon representing the Get Windows 10 App offering the free upgrade.  Great!  Er … [...]
Facebook Suspended My Account – The Real Name Policy Fiasco
So I went to log into my Facebook account the other day and was presented with a message saying that my account had been suspended.  Why?  They were under [...]
Xamarin Pairing Visual Studio 2012 to Mac for iOS Builds
Well, this was a bit of a pain in the arse. When I initially paired Visual Studio 2012 to my Mac it all seemed to pair and be happy.  No problems with the [...]
Political Literacy
Well I think I’m crazy.  Not only have I got a lot to do already but I’ve started another project.  Geared towards getting a group of [...]
Borderlands 2 – 2K Games
I don’t usually write about games on this blog but I’m going to make ana exception in this case.  This is such a monumentally great game that I [...]