Veggie Love – Romanesco Broccoli

August 22, 2014 - Food, General Blog
Veggie Love – Romanesco Broccoli

I can’t quite believe what happened yesterday.  I have recently met the most amazing women I’ve ever met and we have started to have some really lovely times together, just perfect.  I’m not going to go on about that here as it’s all very personal but we did something really quite magical yet so simple for each other yesterday.

I went to visit my friend Jo in the morning.  Each Thursday we have been trying to meet up to then take a trip to the little local vegetable and fruit merchant although we haven’t done it often as we’re both very busy, in fact I think that’s only the second time.  The fruit and veg folks set up their stall in a pub car park just on the outskirts of Frome to push their healthy wares on the great masses.  Great little market that sells all kinds of stuff you can’t get in supermarkets.  I’d already picked out some Lilies as a gift for Maria and then Jo showed me the Purple Cauliflower and I decided to buy some of that as another gift as well.  Mad I thought but it totally felt like a thing that would be appreciated.

Once Maria had arrived I was literally floored, completely and utterly floored.  Not only because Maria had arrived and it was amazing to see her again but she had done exactly the same.  She had bought some Romanesco Broccoli as a gift.  We were both totally speechless really, I’ve certainly never bought a vegetable as a gift before and neither had Maria.  Really just one of the most amazing moments ever, the stuff memories are made of.

IMG-20140821-WA0000Its like space-age trippy veg, just incr(edible).  You can literally see the expression of the golden ratio and Fiboacci numbers at work.  Literally amazing.

_MG_1442So to show my appreciation of that I decided to cook with it today and take some photos of my efforts as I really wanted to celebrate it and also remember it forever.  I decided I’d do something really simple with it to really make the Romanesco the star of the show.

I hand broke the Broccoli and placed it in a roasting tray, drizzled it with Olive Oil, seasoned a little with Sea Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper.  On top of that I then sprinkled it with some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  Roasted that for 20 mins (turning once half way through cooking).


Whilst that was doing in the oven I just cooked up some Messicani pasta.  Once it was all ready I plated up and sprinkled over some more or the Parmigiano and a little more black pepper.

Wow, what an amazing but simple plate of food.  The Broccoli tasted incredible, really buttery and combined with the cheese and seasoning it’s a total winner.

Thank you Maria, I’m in awe of you!



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Congratulation! Take care of the veggie love!


Hotte, like a precious jewel in a sea of mediocrity …


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