Monthly Archives: October 2006

Bulldog Balls Up
HAHA! Oh man … this was too funny I almost died laughing, just called Bulldog (my ISP) about a fault. They tell me that they know they are having [...]
Blimey its been a whole week since i posted anything here! Been away from everything for a week on an Visual FoxPro intensive developers course in Bath. [...]
This is so cool its amazing! 🙂 Knotology
Alphabet Box is GO!
I’ve Just finished the final version of a new web site for a small start up business called Alphabet Box. They provide custom poems/speech writing [...]
How Does Google Work?
heh heh … and you thought it was all high tech didn’t you … PigeonRank™
Fish Used to Fight Terrorism
HAHA! Oh man this one takes the biscuit, no matter how ingenious an idea it may be, its still very funny in a sad sort of way, poor fishes! [...]
Why doesn’t MSN work with Opera
Well this makes for some interesting reading I can tell you! Seems like the MSN site run by M$ is intentionally breaking its web site in order to make [...]
Bushies Land Grab
Well the Bush family are roumoured to have just bought nearly 100,000 acres of Chaco, Paraguay. It’s also home to one of the largest underground [...]
Lester Brown
This is a seriously interesting chap, he’s referred to as one of the most influential thinkers in terms of world populations and resources. Makes for [...]
Well Well … Easy Star All Stars do it again … Dub Side of the Moon was a great remake of a classic album … bong water a-plenty and a good [...]
Oceans – Hypoxia – Dead Zones?
Something I’ve been hearing an alarming amount about lately are things called ‘Dead Zones’ … these are areas in the worlds oceans [...]
Hawaii Earthquake
Apparently this is a very, very unusual earthquake in that its a large one right in the middle of a very large plate. Its been reported as a [...]
PMC – More Impressions.
The more I listen to the music I really know intimately the more I’m impressed with the feel of these monitors. As I keep saying they are really [...]
Blogging a Day
Well, frankly I can’t be arsed as its never going to make for good reading but this place History Matters are trying to convince people to blog [...]
MINI-Z Broke Again …
This is totally poo … my MINI-Z monster truck has broken again … in the same place as last time … what a load of bollox! :O( Not a happy [...]
PMC TB2A – First Impressions.
Well I can honestly say that i’ve never been more impressed with the first listen to a set of studio monitors before. They are everything I thought [...]
QuickTime Alternative
This is interesting … I’m just downloading this software after having had some real problems with the official QuickTime player for Windows. [...]
BitstreamX3 – Ableton Live?
Well this thing looks amazing! The BitstreamX3 MIDI controller from CME Professional. Features 74 input controllers including 8 faders, a ribbon controller [...]
PMC Monitors
whhhhhaaaaaa!Our new PMC TB2SA active monitors have arrived in the Product23 Studiotoday. Simon and I are going to have a stack of fun installing these and [...]
3D Sound
Have a listen to this on some headphones … really, very cool. 3D Sound Demo