Monthly Archives: November 2006

Computer Game Music
Some great Product23 news! We have been commissioned to provide the score and sound effects for an entire new PC based computer game. The game is still in [...]
Bush Nuts …
Well here we are … finally something official to actually show people that support for Bush is as a result of mental illness … well sort of [...]
The Stern Report
Well finally we have something concrete linking global climate changeand economics. In addition to the work of people like Lester Brown this report [...]
Sumatra – REMIX
Sumatra Remix Artwork Another remix of mine is out on Composure Records. This is another progressive house mix of a Phunindustries track called Sumatra. [...]
Remix on iTunes.
A remix I did of a Retroid track for Composure Records is now available to buy on iTunes.
Oh man … The SubAverage Homeboy.
“I’ve been working on tracks for behind me and smoothing out my rappin, … ” like, not smooth enough yet man … this is truly [...]
Guy Fawkes
Hmm … why celebrate someone *failing* to blow up the houses of parliament? heh heh … 😉 The Gun Powder Plot of 1605 makes for some interesting [...]
I Robot – Remix
NO! Not the film, the track … eh? What track? This track … I Robot. Unfortunately you can’t preview the actual track I’ve remixed [...]
B3ta Does Video
I’m a great fan of the B3ta photoshop comedy site, but one of the regular contributers has made some video’s … really quality viewing, [...]
Well if you didn’t know i’m designing a database app directed towards windows musicians. Its basically a file management database that is [...]