Monthly Archives: December 2006

Paris through a Pinhole
Just found some great photo’s of Paris taken with a pinhole lens, they’re here.
Bjork – All is Full of Love
I totally love Bjork and I think this is one of the best video’s ever made for one of her tracks. It just seem to capture what she’s about [...]
Chris Cunningham Interview
Amazing video chappy!
So here comes 2007 …
Well 2006 was fantastic! Loads of good things happened, a few firsts as well which is always welcome … erm … actually it depends on the first [...]
Best Space Pics 2006
Just found an amazing web page with a collection of the best Space photo’s taken during 2006. Check it out here.
Google Cuisine
Hmm … can you imagine a UK company being this interested in it’s workers dietary health? Google Food
Intelligent Design
I’d never really thought about the actual details that constitute the ‘Intelligent Design’ argument about the source of life on Earth [...]
Pink Floyd – The Wall Live 1980
Just found a great video on Google Video of one of the Earls Court Gigs in 1980. Pink Floyd – The Wall Live 1980