Monthly Archives: January 2007

Travelers Aid
The next time you find yourself on a plane, sitting next to someone who cannot resist chattering to you endlessly, 1. Quietly pull your laptop out of your [...]
Mely’s Birthday 30th!
Wow, what a great weekend in the Black Mountains we had … i’ll be getting some photo’s up online later today to show the debauchery and [...]
Wii have a problem …
oh man, this is funny and on a few occasion a bit grusome … its basically a site recording loads of people accidents whilst playing with the Nintendo [...]
Comet McNaught
Wow, this thing is starting to look huge in the pictures coming back from the SOHO satellite.
Pipex Homecall
Just a quick note for anyone looking for a review of Pipex Homecall “8MB” broadband. Avoid like the plague … that’s it, [...]
Government spooks helped Microsoft build Vista
By Nick Farrell: Tuesday 09 January 2007, 14:26 THE USA GOVERNMENT’S cryptologic organisation, the National Security Agency, has admitted that it is [...]
GO GO GO, Actually DON’T! the same day they a carpet bombing civilians in Somalia … [...]
Beatles Love / Hate
hmm … not sure what to make of this … the ‘newly’ mashed up music of The Beatles has been remixed by George Martin and his son from [...]
I’m going … 🙂
How can this asshole stand up and claim to be working for peace and christian (small c) values and in the same breath say that he wished Saddam’s [...]
eeek! – Bristol International Skid Pan
EasyJet announces that it has cancelled all flights to and from Bristol International Airport this morning following concerns over the reliability of the [...]
Never thought we’d be seeing pictures like that! Also, i’m a little confused over how quickly this appears to have happened! Call me a cynic [...]
why being a scientist …
… is bad for you … you end up writing things like this comforted by the thought of how ‘entertaining’ you are … ENGINEERS [...]