Monthly Archives: February 2007

Privitisation taken a step too far
How do people come to these conclusions: “Ofcom argues that putting spectrum on the open market is the only way to make sure it is used to its full [...]
Spectrum plan threatens radio mic
Seems like the great digital switch over is going to be an interesting one, I hadn’t even thought about such things as radio mics being effected by [...]
Where Are the Bees?
This is actually a pretty worrying event happening in the US. The Honeybee population is being decimated by something as yet unidentified. It also seems to [...]
Glastonbury Tor 1907
Wow! I’ve just found this image of glastonbury tor on wikipedia … taken exactly 100 years ago in 1907 … ‘mazin.
Comet McNaught Photogallery
This is probably one of the best comet photogallery i’ve ever seen online, seriously impressive stuff. [...]
Manor Park Allotments
You may have already heard of this campaign – Manor Park Allotments in Hackney are 100 years old. Many people here don’t have their own [...]
Knickers!! haha!
Frozen Wave
Wow, i’ve just been sent this link to a webpage of ice photo’s. Never seen anything like this before, well worth checking out if you have five [...]