Monthly Archives: August 2007

Summer Ends?
Well what a funny year its been eh! Don’t know about where your at but in my locality the weather has been decidedly unsummer-like. Granted where I [...]
Reading Festival …
Well, what a total mess this festival is eh! Its actually the first time i’ve ever been to a ‘Rock Festival’ and its definitely going to [...]
Dolphines Get Prosthetic Tails!
This is just amazing … such a neat story about a female Dolphin that lost her tail in a crab trap when she was a mere nipper, even tho she has still [...]
TED – Ideas Worth Sharing
What an amazing website! Online viewable talks by some seriously inspiring people covering all manner of topics from Design, Global Issues, Arts and [...]
Removing Adobe Photo Downloader
Hmm … I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader. Ok, its a great program no doubt about it but its getting a tad bloated [...]
Shuttle Launch is GO!
NASA seems confident for a launch tonight at abut 22:36GMT!!! After all the recent events surrounding the shuttle like the lovesick astronauts getting hell [...]
UK Tax and the Super Rich
Hmm … this sort of thing eally pisses me off frankly. It seems that the UK is a tax haven of sorts for the super rich among us. Most contries where [...]
Huge, Light Exoplanet Shouldn’t Even Exist
HAHA! I love titles like that … “Are we ever going to get a model that *does* work for everything we find?!” “The largest planet [...]
Swim at your own Risk
I love this webblog, its full of interesting stories about Sharks. I know its glib and unfounded to ‘be scared’ of sharks as in fact more [...]
Worlds First Internet War … ?
Seems that Skynet (an actual Military virtual drone control system btw, not just a bad pun by yours truly) has taken on the country Estonia, and nearly [...]
Hiroshima …
Today is the 62nd Anniversary of the first use of an atomic bomb. “If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air [...]
MySpace … Facebook
Well well … my girlfriend recently created a personal profile on MySpace probably about just under a month ago. All was well for the majority of that [...]
Dead Zones …
One of the 3 largest ‘Dead Zone’ (hypoxia) ever mapped has been found this year. This is seriously scary stuff … 7,900 square miles of [...]
Terra Firma wins in bid for EMI
Well well … in the world of music this could be an interesting event. Venture capitalists buying into the music industry at this stage paying £2.4bn [...]