Monthly Archives: September 2007

Meteorite Fell in Carancas, Peru
This is a pretty odd report … Why? Its the first meteorite story I’ve heard of where people in the surrounding area to the impact site fell [...]
Northwest Passage.
This is a pretty momentus event to happen in some ways … A New Shipping route … The Northway Passage. What’s this? Its a new direct [...]
Our Whales are Being Destroyed–by the US Navy
Not very many people are aware of this issue at the moment but it’s something that needs some serious attention as far as i’m concerned. [...]
Google Moon
Google has offered $30,000,000 to any company that lands a robot on the Moon and starts snapping photo’s and sending data back (presumably to Google [...]
Joe Zawinul
Well it seems that we have lost another great musician today, Pavarotti a few days ago (yes, Joe occupies the same level of respect in my book!) and Joe [...]
Visual Studio 2005 & ASP.NET 2.0 Step By Step – Microsoft Press
This week I have been mostly installing software … WOW, how long did it take to install VS2005? 2.1GB application! A very big thumbs down to the [...]
Yale Scientists Use Nanotechnology To Fight E. Coli
Amazing! SWCNT (single walled carbon nanotubes) are being used in the lab to combat bacteria. These technologies could one day provide the replacements for [...]
Calling Some 4×4 Owners
I have just one point but I think its an important one … if you are going to bomb around the countryside in such a hulking great lump of metal you [...]
IBM Makes Molecular Switch
This is just insane … apparently IBM has made some serious advances in the NanoTech field and is now talking about the fact that molecular computing [...]