Monthly Archives: March 2008

Investor buys stake in Guyana forest
This is actually pretty cool in my opinion. Someone actually placeing a cash value on some rainforest is probably a good step in the right direction for [...]
I’m not sure if I’m missing something here but a couple of hours into looking at LINQ for the first time and I almost instantly butted up [...]
Debugging XAML
This is a really tough one sometimes. I’ve recently had to debug an error that initially seemed a bit odd. Viewing the main window XAML in Visual [...]
I can’t believe what is happening over there at the moment. Its just disgraceful. All this heading towards the Olympics as well. In fact I [...]
SQL Compact Edition 3.5
Have just started evaluating this for my SampleSort project and so far I’m really impressed. Compared to even SQL Express this has got a ridiculously [...]
Expression Blend
Hmm … this is potentially one of the nicest tools to come out of the Microsoft camp in living memory. Its got some seriously nice work flows inside [...]
C# Express 2008
Since my beta trial version of Visual Studio 2008 is in its death throws I took the plunge and have switched to using C# Express 2008 and I must say that [...]
Learning C# / .NET
I’m on a steady road of learning first the basics of this new (to me) technology. Coming from a FoxPro background this has been a massive change of [...]
WPF, 3D, Windows XP Anti Aliasing
Well today yielded one interesting new thing about WPF 3D content and how Windows XP is setup in relation to utilising the 3D classes in the new .NET 3.5 [...]
C# Regular Expressions
I’ve recently found the need to really optimise some C# code using regular expressions instead of using multiple statements to tidy up strings before [...]
Mole v4.2 for Visual Studio
This is a great visualizer for using with Visual Studio to help debugging and so on.  This is vital for the projects I’m currently working on in [...]
Data Pimping
“A leading expert on computer surveillance has raised serious doubts over the legality of deals by BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse to sell [...]
Really nice little tool! I’ve not used this yet but it looks like a really nice companion in the .NET 3.0 world to XamlPad.