Monthly Archives: June 2008

Visual Studio StartUp Projects
I’ve spent a large portion of today trying to figure out why my project wasn’t able to create an MSI for me … I found this, no luck [...]
New to LINQ?
Just found this really useful collection of byte sized tidbits to improve the performance of your usage of the data context.  Takes less that 5 mins to [...]
LINQ SQL Compact – DatabaseExists()
If like me you are trying to use this really handy method and are having problems, it’s not your code … There is a bug with this method if you [...]
Spore Creature Creator
OMG, its only been a matter of years I’ve been waiting for this, but finally the first real taste of Spore is out now!  You can grab a trial version [...]
WPF Single Instance Application
UPDATED After a lot of poking around on this subject I found a rather neat way of enforcing an application to behave in a single instance manner. [...]
Download FireFox 3 Today!!
Mozilla are trying to go for a World Record with the number of downloads of Firefox 3 today!  Pledge to download and help them out!!  Download FIreFox 3
Empty if(){} …
I spent far too long today thinking about ways to code what at first appears to be a simple C# statement regarding file recursion. I’m building a new [...]
Using MediaElement
I’ve just put together a really dirty and VERY simple app that uses the MediaElement class in .NET 3.5 as an example for someone on CodeProject so I [...]
NDepend Initial Review
The other week I was amazingly fortunate to receive an email from Patrick Smacchia – the lead developer working on NDepend. In order that I may review it [...]