Monthly Archives: July 2008

Spyware Wakeup!
Well I had a hell of a wake up call this weekend. A nasty little ‘Fake Threat’ had leeched into my system somehow. One of the horrid little [...]
WPF Visual Studio Code Snippets
Just found a link on Sacha Barbers blog linking too some really cool Visual Studio code snippet downloads available from The Blendables folks and DrWPF.  [...]
WPF UserControl == DataTemplate
Over the weekend I was doing a fair amount of UI stuff on a major project of mine and stumbled across a very cool and neat solution to using data [...]
Source Control
Anyone that has worked on software development will have come into contact with Source (Code) Control software at some point. I’ve recently been [...]
XAML, Blend & Binding to Static Data Sources
I’ve just been having a little play around with some methods for binding UI elements (in this case a ComboBox) to static data sources. As you may [...]
LINQ, SQL Compact, Private Install
Well, I’ve spent the best part of a week trying to figure out why my application was constantly falling over on my test machine.  I’ve been [...]