Introduction to Composite WPF (CAL, Prism) Part 1

I’ve just published Part 1 of my introduction to Composite WPF series of articles.  The main aim of this article was to provide a really simple illustration of how it can be used.  The subsequent parts to the application will build on the complexity of the project.

You can read the article and download the demo code on the Code Project site here:


.NET 3.5 Client Profile

This is all very welcome stuff.  I’ve already found myself fielding questions and opinions regarding the installation process for SampleSort.  It seems that many people are put off from trying out the software due to the possibility of needing the “whole shebang” of a 200mb+ download that the offline archive version of .NET 3.5 presents to end-users.

Couple that with the fact that Microsoft leaves the .NET framework as an optional update via Windows Update and you can be loosing potential users.  Not good …

However, there are solutions!!  Check out the following link for some much needed goodness: