DMon – Multi Directory Viewer

I have just released a new utility application that lets the user monitoring many directory locations in a single view.  If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you have many Windows Explorer instances open watching different directory locations this should make that task a lot easier.

In the current version you can also configure DMon to produce a log file containing all the different actions that were performed on the directories being monitored.  Below is a screen shot of the app and links to more information and the download links.

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DMon screen shot


MSBuild, TeamCity & Versioning

I have only recently start using TeamCity at home for my own major project SampleSort.  It is a pretty complex application all in all and the build process is also complex due to the modular nature of its internal structure.  Now this is all controlled by TeamCity it makes proper versioning a real proposition rather than incrementing a version number by hand.  Even though it is possible to version assemblies using the 1.0.* pattern in the version attributes in the AssemblyInfo.cs file this isn’t the best solution for my particular scenario.

Now if you are using source control it is useful to have the version number of the source incorporated into the overall application version.

Using TeamCity I have manually set the Major and Minor so that I have some control over it but the build number comes from TeamCity and the revision is taken from my Subversion repository.  To do this you need to use a pattern like this in the ‘Build Number Format’ setting on the General Settings page of your build configuration:


The 0.6 section is the portion I retain control over, the {0} is filled in by TeamCity an the {build.vcs.number} is the Subversion repository number.

Now to make use of this in the build process you need to access this information and update the AssemblyInfo.cs files BEFORE the build system performs the Release build. I looked at the community tasks for the AssemblyInfoTask but was a little put off.  For one thing it creates the file rather than edits the existing one, which is a 20+ project scenario would result in a fairly hefty build script.  All I wanted to so was update the existing AssemblyInfo files.  So, my MSBuild target is as follows:


<Target Name="VersionAssemblies">
<Attrib Files="@(AssemblyInfoFiles)" Normal="true"/>
<FileUpdate Files="@(AssemblyInfoFiles)"
<FileUpdate Files="@(AssemblyInfoFiles)"

So here we are using RegEx to perform a find and replace on the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes within the AssemblyInfo.cs files. Nice!