windows 7

Windows 7 Update

I have now completed the majority of the setup on my new PC.  All in all I’m seriously impressed with Win 7 Pro.  I have solved all the BSOD issues (Dodgy audio driver from MOTU) and I have migrated all my data accros to the new machine.

It hasn’t been completely painless but all in all it has been a real pleasure.  All my hardware is working as desired and the machine is blisteringly quick.

Absolute thumbs up from here.

windows 7

Getting Aero Back

Whilst I was installing my various apps on my new system I suddenly noticed that the Aero theme had completely vanished.  I had previously installed my copy of Spore which also installed DirectX 9.0c and I assumed that this may be the reason.

The Desktop had switched back to classic mode and no matter how I tried I could not find anything related to getting it back.  Even selected one of the preinstalled Aero themes didn’t switch correctly.  After a long slog around the internet I had found a few things to try.

The first was the obvious system reboot.  Nothing changed.  I then checked that the two services that manage this in the background were running correctly.  The two services are:

  • Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
  • Themes

These were both correctly running and setup to start Automatically when the OS boots.  The next thing I tried was to run System File Checker,  to run this open a command prompt and execute this command:

Sfc /scannow

This performed a file system check on the machine but didn’t find any problems.  I then ran the Aero Troubleshooter and the online diagnostic tool both of which didn’t find any issues.  Still no Aero theme on my machine.

I then simple restarted the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service and low and behold Aero returned!  That is very puzzling since I performed a reboot on the machine which would have obviously restarted this service when the OS rebooted.

Basically, I had installed an older application (pre-Vista) called Starry Night Pro 4.5, now when I launch this app Windows 7 turns off Aero as the application loads using OpenGL but now when I close this application Windows 7 correctly re-enables Aero.  Happy Days!


Window 7 64 Bit / MOTU Traveler

Well, I’ve finally made the switch to a new computer running the latest 64 bit version of Windows 7. I have a new Intel Quad Core i7 920 based development machine and I have to say that so far I’m impressed. The whole OS feels really sharp and responsive, even with the full Aero theme running.

The first two apps to be installed were Firefox and Thunderbird. Both of these apps installed in less than a second!! The speed is literally staggering in comparison to my old single core 2.4Ghz Athlon 64 machine.

The new tweaks to the Windows UI are really nice, the jump menus are a really nice addition as are all the window docking options. I always disliked the way XP handled arranging multiple windows, feels much tighter and ‘thought through’ in Windows 7.

With all that said I have seen a few BSODs!! However, it is totally unfair to blame either than PC hardware or Windows 7 for this as it appears that my MOTU Travelers 64bit drivers are the source of these blue screens. I have just installed a newer set of drivers which were released on the 10th March so I’m about to give these a try and see it the systems behaves better.

All in all this is a very big thumbs up from here.