Monthly Archives: August 2013

MVC Deployment – JavaScript – ReferenceError is not defined …
This had me stumped for a moment. All the Javascript was there (linkable from bundle links in the page source), all the files were there, everything worked [...]
MVC – Display Version Number in Your UI
If you ever want to display the version of your app in the UI (useful in development with lots of environments) you can do the following. In your [...]
Build Process – TeamCity, NUnit, dotCover & Octopus Deploy
I’ve blogged about TC a bit in the past but I’ve just setup a whole new build process for my current project. Added into the mix these days is [...]
Entity Framework Code-First Stored Procedures & Foreign Key Entities
I was recently looking at some changes I’d made to a project I’m working on using the Entity Framework for data access. I realised that as I [...]
Using HttpClient to Send Dates in URL Using AttributeRouting
After doing a lot of reading it appears that it is possible to do what I was attempting to do but it requires relaxing a lot of useful security measures in [...]
C# Query String Builder
Here is a nice little extension method for building your query strings in C#