Monthly Archives: May 2014

Enabling Entity Framework Code First Migrations ProviderIncompatibleException
Quite simple actually … make sure the connection string in your config file is named the same as your context class OR make sure you do something [...]
RIP FireFox (at least until v30 anyway).
That’s it.  I’ve stood by you and defended you but today was just it for me. I really don’t know what’s happened and I’ve [...]
OSX Mavericks Wi-Fi Not Reconnecting
OSX weirdness strikes again.  In the year I’ve been using OSX I’ve been surprised a number of times by oddities and general weirdness and [...]
OAuth 2.0 Covert Redirect “Issue”
So, rather than get all excited and lathered up about this horrid security flaw here is a great run down of it in detail.
Mvvmcross (Mvx) Getting Started
I know the title suggests this is a guide on how to get started and since I haven’t even started yet it’s a tad premature eh! Anyway, over the [...]
Cross Platform Development w/ Xamarin & SVN Source Control on OSX
Hmm, rather ambitious title there Jammer … Anyway, I’ve just started looking at building some iOS and Android (plus others in the future) [...]
Updating SVN in OSX Mavericks
Well that was an interesting hour wasted spent updating SVN. I found this write up on how to perform this update and ran into quite a few problems.  The [...]
Source Control Organisation
I’m not sure why people do this if you’re about to start a system re-write. Especially if you are also re-writing an application in a new [...]
Firefox 29.0.1 Update
What on earth has happened. I’m getting script errors left right and center making my favourite browser extremely lumpy. Seems the theme I was using [...]