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OSX Mavericks – WiFi – FIxed in 10.9.4?
This is good news! Seems that Apple have finally released an official fix to the WiFi issues introduced with Mavericks. Might seem trivial but one of the [...]
I’ve got coffee on my bunny!
Rubblebucket – Came Out of a Lady
A chap I’ve known for a long time now is on the verge of releasing his first synthesiser through his new venture Modulus Music.  The new synth called [...]
Wrapping HttpClient
I’ve been recently revisiting a WebAPI client implementation that uses DotNetOpenAuth for authorising calls to an OAuth 2.0 protected WebAPI.  So I [...]
All Our Patents Are Belong To You
As far as I can tell Elon Musk is doing an amazing job of being pretty damn cool in my book.  What with his Space X efforts launched off the back of sale [...]
Glastonbury 2014
Whoa …
Compile Time Checking for MVC Views
One advantage of MVC Razor could also be deemed a disadvantage.  No comile time checking of views.  I personally love the dynamic nature of build the Razor [...]
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
50,000 Go Unnoticed – Occupy London
An estimated 50,000 people marched against austerity measures in London today. Starting the march right outside the BBC headquarters in Portland Place. So [...]
Nuget Strikes Again
Honestly, for tool that’s supposed to make life easier and more robust I find myself battling with it often. I’ve been upgrading some of the [...]
Windows Store
Hmm … not much to say really. The UI sucks, it’s sluggish to use and inaccurate. Why show me an Install button for apps that are already [...]
FireFox – Back on the Menu
So, I just updated to FireFox 30 and FireBug 2.0 … So far, rock solid and none of the issues I was seeing with FireFox 29 or 29.0.1 and Firebug. [...]
BSOD!! Well, Well Old Friend
My Current Windows box is fantastic, runs like a dream and has done since I built it about 3 years ago. It’s been through many many hardware changes [...]
Loading Entity Framework Navigation Properties with Stored Procedures
I don’t see a lot of posts about this but it is possible to achieve. Classes Example Stored Procedure Using a DbSet … this DOES NOT WORK if you [...]
OpenSSL Hits The News Again
Good grief, this latest issue with OpenSSL (the library that keeps most of the internet encrypted and safe) is no less that 16 years old … “A [...]
CSS3 – Safe to Use?
Just found this amazing site going through CSS3 and how to safely implement or ignore certain features due to varying browser support. Really cool! HTML5 Please
WWDC – Comments
I should start this by saying that I’m really not an Apple fan boy or a Microsoft fan boy or any tech fan boy to be honest. I’ve been involved [...]
WWDC – Well, Well!
Lots of very interesting things coming out of the WWDC, I’ve just finished watching the presentation. Seems Apple have been very busy. The graphics [...]