Safari Web Inspector for iOS Debugging

Whilst I’m building web pages I make a lot of use of the development tools that modern browsers include.  These features are amazing in that they let you inspect the page and make extensive changes to the layout, CSS and other bits of code live in the browser.  A kind of interactive debugging session of sorts.  However, doing this on a mobile device to get to the bottom of issues isn’t always straight forward.  I’ve not found a way to comfortably do this in Chrome or Firefox yet, but Apple have included a nice workflow to do this with iOS and Safari.

If you need to properly diagnose web site issues on an iOS device the process is actually really simple.

  1. Enable the web inspector within Safari on your iOS device (Settings -> Safari -> Web Inspector)
  2. Connect your iOS device via a USB cable to a Mac
  3. Open Safari on the Mac and activate the dev tools (Preferences -> Advanced -> Show develop menu in the menu bar)
  4. In Safari on the iOS device navigate to the web site you want to debug
  5. Open the developer menu and you will see the connected iOS device name as sub menu – choose the site from the list
  6. Start debugging in the inspector window

This works just as you would expect it to.  You can inspect the site just as you would during a normal debugging session within any of the big name browsers on a native platform.  Very cool feature imho.


iOS 8

So I was an early adopter … gotta say that the update really did happen without a hitch.

But, Apple – Seriously?  The biggest iOS release ever?  I don’t think so.  Minor incremental updates in the most part from a users perspective.  That said it does appear to open the OS up to more 3rd party companies to innovate on the platform through the inclusion or making available of lots of new OS level APIs.  I think this is where they are justifying the claims of it being the biggest release yet.

I installed Swiftkey on the iPad Mini first and immediately hit a wall.  I only use Facebook through the browser these days and the combination of that and Swiftkey means that there is no way to actually post a comment.  You have to switch back to the stock iOS keyboard in order to actually post the comment on the site … big FAIL!

Other than that a really under-whelming release really.  Hmm … that last Apple keynote was a complete flop imho …


Apple … U2 … Really?

Hmm … I HATE U2 with a passion.  Bono is offensive frankly so you can imagine my delight in having their new LP of moaning, pathetic drivel stuffed onto my devices.


The whole section with U2 was horrifically painful to watch and an utter flop as far as I can tell.  Of all the bands to pick Apple royally fuck up and pick U2.

FAIL Apple … BIG FAIL – only 1% actually downloaded it initially so they decided to forcefully install the album on peoples devices!!  Er … no … hence the removal tool …

What a mess.