Monthly Archives: March 2015

Apple MacBook Pro 85w MagSafe 2 PSU
So last Sunday my PSU died.  I don’t know if it’s something about luck or what but in all my years (to many to count) of using computers the [...]
Pixar Renderman now free for Non-Commercial
Wow, you can now get your hands on a non-commercial version of Renderman for FREE.  Pixar has been selling Renderman for a long time.  That said the asking [...]
Microsoft to Retire IE – Project Spartan
This is actually quite a momentus occasion!  Hearing that Microsoft is going to retire the IE brand is something I’ve been waiting to hear for [...]
Anti-Virus – BitDefender
So it’s the best … or at least was the best. *ahem* … I’ve used a LOT of virus applications in my time, free ones, commercial ones [...]
WordPress & IIS Permalinks
When hosting a WordPress site under IIS you can run into some troubles when not getting things set-up exactly right.  I thought I’d post up the [...]
So we’ve just had the pleasure of building my first Shopify application for a client project.  Am I impressed?  Very.  Very, very impressed. For [...]