Monthly Archives: July 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10
Crazy? I don’t know yet but I decided to go for the upgrade to Windows 10 on day 1 … Most of the update motored through the process seemingly [...]
Missing Icon Overlays
I need to look into whether this is an issue on Windows 10.  But this is definitely an issue on Windows 7 and 8.1. Windows only uses the first 15 entries [...]
Package Dependencies & Deploying .NET
I recently had a requirement to completely package up a .NET application so that it was extremely portable beyond it’s initial installation. By [...]
WPF ListBoxItem Selected Background Highlight in Windows 8
When targeting the way a ListBoxItems are styled on pre Windows 8 platforms you could easily change with style syntax like: This would essentially override [...]
TeamCity Backup Location Outside TeamCity Data Directory
By default TeamCity doesn’t allow you to place backup files outside the default data directory (internally known as the TeamCityData).  If you want [...]
Xamarin Android Automated CI Publishing Using MSBuild & JetBrains TeamCity
I love automating processes and making things consistently repeatable.  Continuous integration is your friend, yes it can take time to setup but if you [...]
Xamarin iOS Build Server is Too Old
This is silly message really. If you’re getting this error (or something similar) but you also know that you’re running the latest version of [...]
Learning MvvmCross
Learning a new technology can sometimes be a very time consuming and error prone process.  The more complex the technology the longer this process can go [...]
Xamarin Android AXML Intellisense
Hmm … missing your lovely Xamarin Android intellisense in the Visual Studio .axml code editor?  Me too … The Solution Open Visual Studio Open [...]
Xamarin Android Player in VirtualBox with Fiddler as Proxy to IISExpress API
So today was another learning experience indeed.  I decided to try Xamarins own Android Emulator today.  I’ve had so many odd problems with the [...]
View IISEXpress Hosted Sites On Your Local Network
This is a useful little tidbit of knowledge to have.  Suppose you can browse to your new spanky site using IISExpress at http://localhost:54275/ … [...]