Monthly Archives: December 2015

Programming – Imagine trying to complete a puzzle whilst also designing it and cutting it out.
Abstracting APIs – Abstract Potentially Insane?
There’s no doubt about it, things that help are good.  This topic of abstraction came up in a chatroom the other day and I found myself advocating [...]
View Model Value Change Tracking in MvvmCross & Xamarin
Change tracking object contents at first might seem like an easy or straightforward task but there are lots of pitfalls and potential issues with many [...]
Whitelist SSL Certificates in .NET for Xamarin / MvvmCross Apps
I have a fairly complex development environment for my current project and needed to allow some self-signed certificates to pass through the SSL [...]
iOS Keyboard Handling in MvvmCross View Controller
I’ve just had to handle the situation where a user taps on a text editor control in an iOS view and the keyboard auto appears. Whilst this is [...]
Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update
Hmm … not an awful lot to report … hardly anything “new” to play with / enjoy. But it did wreck my http.sys config which lost me a [...]