Monthly Archives: August 2017

Shell Overlay Icons – The Space Wars
For some of us there has been a quiet war raging inside the Windows registry. The fight is over your shell overlay icons and their priority. I fought back! [...]
.NET Geographic Searches
I recently had to implement a localised search mechanism on an API.  Maths and Trigonometry aren’t my strengths it has to be said.  So I [...]
Docker Gotcha
I’ve just had my first Docker gotcha moment.  I was happily working away using the setup detailed in my first Docker article.  All was [...]
Password Sensibilities
I’ve lost count of the number of organisations I’ve worked for that have adhered to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) [...]
PlasticSCM – Just Don’t
If you’re considering this source control tool.  Stop.  If you’re considering this for your development team, have mercy on them and [...]
Docker + Windows + WordPress + MySQL + PHPMyAdmin = Nirvana
The last time I did any WordPress development was over a year ago so I no longer have PHP and MySQL installed.  I started marching off down my well [...]