An estimated 50,000 people marched against austerity measures in London today. Starting the march right outside the BBC headquarters in Portland Place.

So why did the BBC stay so quiet about it? I saw a post about this march on the ubiquitous Facebook feed in the morning and immediately popped over to the BBC site to start searching. I found nothing. There really wasn’t a single mention of the entire thing (at that point in time) about the march.

A 50,000 strong ground of people with Russell Brand showing his face and not the tiniest bit of notice from the mainstream media?

Searching the BBC site now returned one link to a “Your week in pictures” gallery for that week and the bottom image is a shot of the protest (see here). That there is now a small mention of it here published the next day.

There was a lot of huffing and puffing  from the anti-establishment side and there was also a lot of huffing and puffing from the opposing side.  I personally find it a bit odd that the media would be as quiet about it as they were.  Nothing untoward happened and so it seems peaceful protesting risks going unreported and deemed not of interest to the wider public.

A quick Google of “bbc austerity march” shows the Your Week In Pictures link I mentioned earlier and little else. I’ve seen figures of complaints to the BBC over this pegged at about 6,000.

Here is some video evidence of the day:

OK, some of the other things they did deem of importance to report on that same day was stuff like the twitter guy Jason Buzi hiding money around the place, I don’t know but I’m a little confused why this march really has really registered at all on the BBC web site.

Surely if any news agency out there should have “the people back” it should be the BBC, we pay for it after all so why shouldn’t they prioritise things like this? That surely should be within their remit if it isn’t already.

It’s also easy for a lot of us to not pay much attention when something doesn’t direct impact us but there are some really sad stories kicking around of people really suffering as a result of these continued cutbacks, one older chap, just blew his head off when the letter arrived to tell him his benefits were stopping. Truly horrific.

I don’t usually want to go into stuff like this here but I’m really not impressed with the BBC over this and to be honest I feel gutted to think so negatively about the BBC as they have made some seriously impressive things over the years and I actually felt quite proud of the BBC as an export.

My grandfather was actually good friends with Chris Patton and they visited each other socially, I think hes probably turning in his grave at the thought …

Thought I’d come and make an update to this on the 7th July 2014 as it seems this pattern is being repeated elsewhere, Bust the budget! Thousands of Australians protest Abbott’s austerity.

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