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This is just a place for me to post general ramblings that interest me, hopefully you’ll find something here that interests you as well. its nothing more than opinions and thoughts about stuff I encounter around the wibbly wobbly web, am always up for a discussion to boot so please comment on anything you find here.

I’m a 40-something techy living in the South West, UK. I have been a professional software engineer for 28 years as of 2023, sheesh. However, I wrote my first program a lot longer ago, 38 years ago in fact, … in a shop called Curry’s …

10 PRINT I Just Farted
20 GOTO 10

It ran well … and fast … as did I.

Since that time I have worked in many different organisations in various software related roles such as Architect, Principal Developer and Technical Lead roles. I have a very strong background in databases from years of data warehousing related work as well as extensive UI experience for desktop and web development.

I’m currently playing with:

ChatGPT LLM locally on mu GPU

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