I’ve been meaning to add a page for this for some time. My grandfather – Alf Sparrow – used to own and run the largest, most well respected heavy lifting company in the world. Sparrow International Crane Hire.

At the end of WWII he returned in a pretty ill state. Took months to recover from his time in the Royal Engineers stationed in Africa. At the time his father operated a garage supplying fuel and vehicle repair services in Bath, UK. On his return he decided that he was going to build some cranes based on old ex-Army vehicles and contribute to the rebuilding of parts of the city damaged during the war.

He set about hand building the jibs and augmenting these vehicles into cranes for various jobs around the South West of the UK. This business blossomed and eventually became a titan of the industry. The video below gives a little overview of the business and his impact on the industry. I’m very proud of this history as you can imagine.