Borderlands 2 – 2K Games

I don’t usually write about games on this blog but I’m going to make ana exception in this case.  This is such a monumentally great game that I can’t believe I haven’t been playing it for years.  Best late to the party than not at all though I guess eh!

17,000,000 different guns … I mean … Wha?

Everything about this game is quality.  The graphics are superb, the narration is hilarious and the guns are great, really great … really, really great.  It’s well balanced the maps are fantastic and the baddies are great.  The comic book style graphics are seriously impressive.  Each frame that falls out of my graphics card would look incredible in a meatspace paper comic.  That is actually one of the most striking things about the game.  The look they have gone for and achieved is just inspirational.  The freedom this gives to artists in relation to unburdening them from “making it look real” has been really well executed.  Awesome.

It’s fast becoming apparent that by (no) chance it happens that my three favourite modern games were all published by 2K.  Bioshock (1 & 2), X-Com and now Borderlands 2.  That is an impressive set of games from one publisher.  They are seriously polished and immense fun to play.

The music in Borderlands 2 is also very well put together.  The production and feel of the soundtrack is in perfect balance with the visuals and storyline.  This is something else that was key to making the atmosphere work in the Bioshock titles.  The soundtrack is so important to adding an intangible extra dimension to a game atmosphere.

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