My Current Windows box is fantastic, runs like a dream and has done since I built it about 3 years ago. It’s been through many many hardware changes in that time and the current specification is (I know geeky but it’s good to have this all in one place) fantastic.

So along comes Windows Update on Wednesday morning, on Thursday I have THE first BSOD ever on the machine. I know people bang on about how crap Windows is but I really couldn’t disagree more. Windows 7 is rock solid and believe me I push this machine. From all my development work, to high end games occasionally, to audio production work, graphic design, photo process and video editing. It does it all and just works. I’ve honestly had more issue with my MacBook Pro in the 12 months I’ve owned it than I have with my Windows box in 3 years.

[table caption=”Machine Spec”] Component Name, Manufacturer, Model, Link
Case, CoolerMaster, ATCS 840, Link
PSU, Corsair, Enthusiast Series™ TX750 V2, Link
Mainboard, MSI, P6T Deluxe V2, Link
CPU, Intel, i7-920 (8M Cache 2.66 GHz 4.80 GT/s Intel® QPI), Link
CPU Fan, Corsair, Hydro Series™ H50, Link
RAM, Corsair, Vengence (24Gb 1866Mhz), Link
OS Drive, OCZ, Vertex 3 240Gb, Link
Optical Drive, Plextor, PX-LB950SA BluRay, Link – Dead
Storage 1, Western Digital, Velociraptor 140Gb, Link
Storage 2, Seagate, Barracuda 7200.8 250Gb, Link
Storage 3, Maxtor, L080L0, ???
Storage 4, Lacie, D2 Quadra 2TB, Link
Storage 5, Lacie, D2 Quadra 2TB, Link
Storage 6, Seagate, FreeAgent GoFlex 2Tb, Link
Keyboard, Ducky, Shine 3 10-Keyless, Link
Monitor, Dell, Ultrasharp U3014, Link
Audio, MOTU, Traveler (v1), Link

Anyway, I had a nasty issue with some drivers being VERY out of date. Usually the driver download apps that keep getting pushed your way are annoying at best. However I just found a really good free one! Check it out here SlimDrivers it actually worked. Although it did offer me a slightly older Intel driver than I had already installed it got everything else bang on and if any of you out there have gone through this process manually you can forgive it for getting 1 out of 30 drivers wrong by a .0x version.

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