Build Process – TeamCity, NUnit, dotCover & Octopus Deploy

I’ve blogged about TC a bit in the past but I’ve just setup a whole new build process for my current project.

Added into the mix these days is dotCover and Octopus deploy. Have to say that I’m seriously impressed with the simplicity of this flow to release. Still a few elements of Octopus Deploy to get my head around (deceptively simple tool!). Anyway, as ever getting some of the reports configured took a while …

Get your coverage filters right in TeamCity:


If for instance your project is called JamSoft and all your application dlls are called JamSoft.blah or JamSoft.blah.blah then somestring should be “JamSoft” and of course you’ve suffixed all your test libraries with .Test haven’t you … 🙂

Unless you already have a tool you’re using I found the TeamCity internal instance of dotCover a good solution. I tried to get NCover 1.5.8 working and just gave up in the end, it’s old and getting problematic as far as I’m converned and since the TC internal solution is available use it. Saves some potential headaches.

I also had a few teething problems getting NUnit working this time around. I was using an installed version of NUnit 2.6.2. However on first build in TeamCity it could completely the initial compile process as it couldn’t find the dlls. I ended up switching over to using a NuGet NUnit package and then the compilation steps were fine. Bit odd since I was running the TC builds on my development machine so NUnit was definitely available.

As soon as I’ve got a couple of things ironed out with my use of Octopus Deploy I’ll no doubt blog about that as well, however for now I’m total noob so …

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