So my trusty old (as in REALLY old) Epson Photo R200 died last week and I have a stack of printing to do for various things including my annual tax returns and wotnot.  Great, more expenses.

Started looking around at printers and all-in-one jobbies for the home office as I’ve had a need for a scanner as well as a printer quite a few times recently.  Since I’m an avid user of Canon cameras (I have a 7D and a 5DMkII) I decided to look at Canons offerings.  Being able to print directly from source is actually quite attractive and since Canon SLRs all use Compact Flash storage it made sense to look at their printers.  Most cameras these days use SD cards so conversely most printers only sport SD card readers that was the first thing that seemed attractive about this unit.

Anyway, I’ve got one for the office at home now and I have to say that I’m seriously impressed.


Got the hardware set up in about 20 minutes.  Unwrapped and installed all the cartridges (which each have a little LED in showing they are active, very cool) and then configured the Wi-Fi in about 30 seconds.  Then hooked up all the devices to it taking about 30 seconds on each device (PC, MacBook Pro, iPad and Android Phone).  So now I can print from anything anywhere.  Awesome.

Print Quality

So far I’ve only printing text documents but it literally out paces the old R200 by quite a margin.  I was seriously impressed with the speed actually and it’s a lot quieter than the old Epson as well.  The text is exceptionally sharp considering the fairly cheap paper I have at the moment.

No complaints here at all.


On top of that Canon are offering a £20 cashback on this printer at the moment, bargain.  You need to provide proof of purchase so I tested the scanning.  Plopped the receipt on to the platter, tapped on the touch screen Scan button and it asked me where I wanted to save it – PC.  Hit the scan button and the PDF popped up the PC screen.

Literally completely painless.

Highly recommended.

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