Compiling Blender on Mac

So I decided that after all these years I would like to start looking at and contributing to an open source project.  And since I’ve been using Blender a lot lately this is the project I’m going to get stuck into.

So … how to build blender.  I’ve had a few problems getting this to work on my 2013 Macbook Pro so I’m going to keep a track of all the issues and solutions that I needed in order to get things working.

I’ve been following through on this Blender documentation here:

Getting all the source code from git and svn was very simple and no problem to report there.  The first issue I encountered was the installation of CMake is broken and doesn’t register itself on the system correctly.  As soon as I got to these commands everything started failing:

cd ~/blender-build/blender

The error I was getting was make: command not found Error 127. I cannot find the post that helped me get over this issue at the moment but I will find it and update this post as soon as I do find it. The point is that I ended up giving up trying to get these commands working. I kicked off the build at about 23:30 and it was still hung and not doing anything (no error messages either) at 8am the following morning. Beachball of death …

So I moved on to building Blender in Xcode using the makefiles generated with CMake. The build completed in about 5 minutes and launched straight into Blender in debug mode. I may go and try to find out why the make command failed but XCode was fine but to be honest I’m not sure I’ll have the time (or the inclination) at this stage.

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