I recently picked up some client work and low and behold and SSL certificates came up for renewal.

The client work had been “handed over” from another development team. A team so un-forthcoming about this massive system, they’d thrown caution to the wind and used a whole side of A4 paper to describe it.

Wow, must have taken someone at least half an hour …

Anyway, they had been using GoDaddy (urgh!) and we had also lost the private key. Considering the old devs had told me to delete the entire QA database contents, I don’t hold out much luck for them being organised enough to have the private key to hand.

So …

Rekey the existing GoDaddy SSL certificate or … use Azure Managed SSL Certificates?

It’s a no-brainer.

The Azure managed SSL certs offer exactly the same level of protection as their GoDaddy SSL certificate provided, it’s not GoDaddy, it’s unattended, auto-renewing and did I mention it’s not GoDaddy?

It’s DIGICERT!!!!!

Free, managed DigiCert certificates. Yes please.

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