Get Windows 10 App & Skype Login Broken Fix

So yesterday a new icon appeared in my Task Tray.  A little Windows icon representing the Get Windows 10 App offering the free upgrade.  Great!  Er … not so fast.

I opened the UI and was presented with this monstrosity:

GWXEr, nice.  It appears to be thoroughly brokwn as well.  None of the links do anything at all.  A little message above the “Learn more on” saying “Please wait …” appears for a fraction of a second and then … nothing.  Apparently this is supposed to look like this:


I’m not feeling the love right now.  Also the idea of updated the OS on my main development machine feels me with a feeling of dread if I’m honest.  Updating major versions of Windows in the past has been problematic and my machines are all far from your avarage users machines.  Highly configured and rammed to the gills with all kinds of software powering my development processes and build environments.

I think I’ll be holding off on this for a while.

The Fix

To get these problems solved you need to make a change to the Windows registry.  If you aren’t familiar with regedit you need to be very careful.  Make a backup copy before you do anything in here.

  1. Launch regedit (click on start and type regedit and then press enter)
  2. locate this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\.css
  3. The Content Type will be “application/x-css”
  4. Change this to “text/css”
  5. Close regedit

Problem fixed!

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  1. Ricardo · June 19, 2015 Reply

    That did the trick. Thank you!

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