Some may have read my initial post on the GMMK modular keyboard I purchased a few years ago. It is still my daily driver keyboard and the Kahli Box White switches are still as glorious as ever. The only issue is the standard GMMK keycaps that I purchased at the time.

The set I did buy were the standard GMMK ABS doubleshot jobbies. The looked nice but unfortunately that was a known weak point in my original purchase. Given the amount of use my keyboards get they were bound to wear down sooner rather than later.

Steel Series Prism Caps

So, about two weeks ago I decided to solve my worn out keycaps. Not that I don’t know which buttons are which! Just looks untidy. Meh!

The Prism Caps are just plain amazing. The quality is undeniable and they feel fantastic to be honest. Highly recommended if you’re in the market for some new key caps.

The fit onto the Kahli Box switches is a little tight on the switch stems but it’s no major issue. It does mean on removal that you’re extremely likely to pull the switch out rather than pull the cap off the switch.

No biggy. Just make sure you have some spare switches should the inevitable happen to the odd switch.


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