So I was an early adopter … gotta say that the update really did happen without a hitch.

But, Apple – Seriously?  The biggest iOS release ever?  I don’t think so.  Minor incremental updates in the most part from a users perspective.  That said it does appear to open the OS up to more 3rd party companies to innovate on the platform through the inclusion or making available of lots of new OS level APIs.  I think this is where they are justifying the claims of it being the biggest release yet.

I installed Swiftkey on the iPad Mini first and immediately hit a wall.  I only use Facebook through the browser these days and the combination of that and Swiftkey means that there is no way to actually post a comment.  You have to switch back to the stock iOS keyboard in order to actually post the comment on the site … big FAIL!

Other than that a really under-whelming release really.  Hmm … that last Apple keynote was a complete flop imho …

Apple ... U2 ... Really?
Safari Web Inspector for iOS Debugging

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